Home Sweet Home

Here’s the thing. I know what self-care works for me. Exercise gently most days, avoid the simple carbs, and only alcohol on weekends. See your friends regularly. Get some sunshine every day. But when I get stressed, that goes flying out the window.

This week I was forced to have a VERY serious conversation with the lady in the mirror. Seems that she had indulged a little too much in the Christmas carbs and her daughter’s birthday leftovers, layered with a lot of sitting in front of the computer of late and the results were… less than satisfactory. We agreed that maybe some exercise was in order, and I’m happy to report that my friend is on the road to recovery.

How many campaigns have you done surviving exclusively on coffee, pizza, soda, and beer?

Truth is, when we are stressed is when we MOST need to care for ourselves! Especially now. This is a four year-long marathon (let’s not contemplate the possibility of eight years of this just yet, m’kay?) and you gotta drink your water. Drink your water, get your sleep, and MOVE.

Take care of your body. It’s the only home you have.


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