Hive Mind: A Conversation with Sage Hayes and Nicola Chin of Up With Community

You GUYS. The world works in such magical ways. I launched this blog a few days ago, and then I re-stumbled over this HIVE conversation with Sage Hayes and Nicola Chin of Up With Community. I had saved it a few weeks ago, meaning to watch it later and it got lost in all the things that I’ve been meaning to follow up on (is that happening to you too? I just can’t keep up.)

The Universe really wanted me to see this one, though. It dropped it back in my lap today, and SUCH GOOD STUFF. It’s packed with great ideas to chew on:

  • Love & Service, and how sometimes real love can look angry.
  • Resilience, Sustainability & Self-Care, about listening to your body while you do the work and what happens to us when we do. Amazing quote:

“I had to learn to allow myself to cry in public because tamping down and trying to control these emotions when things are this bad was doing me a lot of damage.”
– Nicola Chin

Oh, I hear you. How many of you are feeling this way these days?

  • The role of Joy in doing activism. YES! Nicola Chin:

“When everything is so dark and hard there is this little animal being inside that want to avoid it, and go into protective mode. And it’s really learn to learn when you’re in that defensive place. While we look at the darkness, if we can give ourselves moments of joy and pleasure that just recharges our battery and it draws other people who might not have the same worldview as us to try it on.”
– Nicola Chin

  • And how to build in self-care:

“That idea of thinking about how to put things in place to absorb, process, and support change [in your life].” – Sage Hayes

Troopers, how are we doing at taking care of ourselves, of putting in place the things in our lives we’re going to need to make change in our lives, and by extension, in the world?

This conversation is so rich. Go watch it. But grab a pen and paper first. You’re gonna be inspired.


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