How to Find Happiness in Times of Struggle

SarahVonBargenAnnaKunneckeCheck out this inspiring conversation between Sarah Von Bargen of Yes & Yes and Anna Kunnecke of How To Be On The Right Side of History (even though you’re ridiculously busy)! It’s all about how to center yourself and keep on living out loud when life (or the news) gets you down. Joy can be found anywhere, even in the toughest of times.

Nuggets of Gold:

  1. It is not wrong to find joy or find happiness even in times of struggle
  2. When we deliberately develop a sense of joy within ourselves we are FIERCER.
  3. You don’t have to earn your happiness; you deserve it no matter what’s going on.
  4. There are times in our life where happiness looks different.
  5. To fight futility, find a small corner of the world (any corner!) that you know you can make better.

Go watch the whole conversation over tea with our two new favorite besties:


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