A Fascinating Look at What “Self-Care” Means Around the World | Byrdie

“Self-care” is an over-used term. It has been watered down to meaning extra cream on your latte or a pedicure.

Sure, those things are great, but I subscribe to the radical idea that true self-care is doing some serious adulting as well, like paying your bills on time and getting some exercise. Self-care is about what makes you balanced and whole. Cream on your coffee or a new pair of earrings is nice and all, but come tomorrow it’s not going to help you any. Exercise? A healthy meal? Not worrying about whether rent is due? That stuff is for keeps.

Within that definition of self-care, there’s still a lot of room for personal style and priorities. What makes you more YOU? What helps you to have the foundation to be the biggest, best version of yourself?

These self-care ideas from Japan, Iran, Brazil, and other countries show us how the world does wellness. It’s a crazy range of ideas. From a simple glass of rose water to bathhouses to social dinners to self-help books. Check it out–you might find some new ideas about how to be a better, stronger you!

Source: A Fascinating Look at What “Self-Care” Means Around the World | Byrdie


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